Print function problem

On the screenshot, the page range shows 1-12. I want to print page 11 only. It will not accept input. I put the cursor in the box and type, and nothing happens.

Have you tried clicking the “All Pages” button and then clicking the “Page Range” button again?

Yes. I tried several things including that, and I quit and restarted. No joy.
Wait. I switched to another item in the Layouts panel, switched back again, and the problem was gone.

Sorry if this is too basic of a question, but have you confirmed that the selected layout in fact has 12 pages?

I vaguely feel like I remember a few times when the “page range” field had a wider range of page numbers than actually existed.

See my previous post. I edited it.
Instead of replying with a new post I edited my post. That’s because someone told me that was the thing to do.
What do I know? I followed their advice. Was it good advice?

Sure, it’s fine. Glad you got it figured out.