Print Layout - Conductor Score - Landscape with continuous bars with no page break

Hi all, I would like to print a Conductor Score that would appear in Landscape orientation with 8 or more bars (example attached).

Can you share or point to a YouTube video, web page or template for this?

In Print mode, changing the orientation provides me with two pages of score and nothing jumps at me in Engrave mode. It is likely I missed something or did not interpret the manual correctly. I do not mind if there are multiple steps using different setups.

Thanks, BC

Here’s how to change the orientation of a layout:

If you want to keep your original portrait full score, and to have the landscape score be an additional alternative, first create a new full score layout, then change its orientation.

Thank you Lillie, option number 2 “Creating layouts” did the trick. Changing the orientation on the Full Score did not change the appearance of what I saw. But creating a Custom Full Score and applied your first suggestion did.

Again, thank you, BC

Had you definitely selected the correct layout in the list on the right in the Layout Options dialog before changing the orientation?

I do believe I did… see attached.

Your second screenshot shows the print preview in Print mode, which is affected by the printer settings set in the right panel (particularly the job type and paper size/orientation).

In Write mode (page view) and Engrave mode, you’ll see the layout just with its layout options, page size, page orientation etc.

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Got it, has taken a few messages exchanges. My mistake was that I had the job type when I looked at it as spreads. Now I set it to Normal and have the view I was looking for.

Thank you for your help, BC

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