Print mode display is different from Write mode display


I have a song with piano accompaniament.
In some parts of the score (see attached for one example) the piano part in “write mode”, looks different in “print mode” (piano only, w/o voice).

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Write Mode.png
Print Mode.png

Have you tried to close the document and reopen it ? Sometimes, those things get sorted by themselves (and a relaunch of the document) — although I admit I have not come across any of these problems in 3+ years…
If this does not set the things up, can you attach the project here (.zip) ?

I think it’s more likely that you’re looking at two different layouts. Make sure that the left panel of Print mode has the correct layout highlighted.

As I mentioned in the original post the layout is different. In “Write Mode” I am looking both voice & piano, whereas in “Print Mode” I am looking at the piano only. However, this is no reason for the engraving to be different (and actually incorrect). Please see the attached pictures.
I have also attached the project.
Thou Ring Upon my Finger - voice and piano B flat (461 KB)

I haven’t looked at it, but I’d wager it’s because you’ve misused voices, and so you flipped some notes… and you didn’t propagate those changes to other layouts.

Wow, Dan! That was it. Thank you!