Print Mode skews some text items

I added text to a piano score, terms like con brio, energico, etc. They look fine in Engrave Mode, but are higher in the staff in Print Mode. They also appear higher in printed output, as in a PDF. I tried various ways to manipulate the terms in Engrave Mode to no avail. They still show higher in the staff than desired in Print Mode. These are items that were entered via the text popover. Examples are attached below: one in Engrade Mode; the other in Print Mode, the same as the PDF output. How can I fix this?

Thank you.

Engrave Mode.png
Print Mode.png

Double-check that the layout you’re viewing in Engrave mode is definitely the same layout you’re viewing in Print mode. Even if this happens to be a solo piano piece, there’s a Score Layout and a Part Layout by default…

Thanks for the suggestion, pianoleo. I will keep that in mind in the future. Before I read your note, I came up with a fix, albeit not the best solution.

Here is what I had to do to fix the spacing of text issue in Print Mode. There were four text items I added via Write Mode. I moved them slightly in Engrave Mode, but they all showed higher up in the staff than desired in Print Mode and in the printed output. Nothing I tried in Engrave Mode would fix the issue.
So, I deleted the offending text items in Write Mode, re-entered them and left them alone in Engrave Mode, in other words, no repositioning. They print as expected successfully in Print Mode. I take this to mean that Dorico doesn’t like text items moved from their original position. This seems odd since dynamics, articulations, etc., move without any printing oddities. Is this a bug, or am I missing something regarding text entry via the popover?

What you’re spotting is unusual - Dorico normally respects the position of text items. Did you double check you were printing the correct layout?

You are correct, pianoleo! I did a test of the scenario you mentioned and that is exactly what happened. Apparently, I was in Part Layout when entering the text; moved it in Engrave Mode while in Part Layout (it shows as blank in the layout selection pull-down in all modes), and then viewed it in Full Score while in Print Mode. This duplicated the original problem. Making sure all modes were synced to the same layout resolved the issue. Thanks again, pianoleo.

I’m practising Dorico by engraving a piano piece, and carelessly had the full score layout on screen when checking the page view. As the stave size looked a little small, I then realised I should have been looking at the part. But although both layouts have the same staff size (7.0mm), there are more bars per page in the full score, according to Layout Options. I’m definitely missing something here, but I can’t see what. :neutral_face:

The layout options are most likely different, like the ideal vertical spacing gaps and several other settings which are different in score and parts. Usually I make a point of deleting the part layout in solo piano works.

If you can’t figure it out, Gareth, and want some definitive help, please post the project here so we can help.

Many thanks, Daniel. It has to be said that my query was based mostly on curiosity, and - if truth be told - I ought rather to be concentrating my mind on the very basics of Dorico, like note input. I’ve just finished inputting 16 bars of single-notehead single-stave music; and it took a very long time (as one would expect, given my lack of experience with the program) due to much trial-and-error and frequent use of Dorico’s matchless help system. I might well take you up on the offer and post the project when I get a chance, as I do want to be sure that I’m going about things the right way.