Print multiple copies request

I noticed a small bug-like thing when trying to print multiple copies of a score from within Dorico.

  1. Open a document
  2. Go to print mode
  3. Select “Printer”
  4. Enter any number into “Copies”
  5. Hit Print

-> There will only one copy be printed.

Workaround: Hit “Enter” after inserting the number to “Copies”. Feels a bit inconvenient and is possibly easy to fix?

Alas it’s not super-easy to fix. All spin controls in the program behave this way: you have to move the focus to another control before you confirm the change. We do plan to improve this in the future, but unfortunately it’s not trivial to improve.

Thanks for your answer!
Isn’t the Print-Button itself a control that could take the focus right before taking action?

Nice to hear you plan to improve it. I’ll be patient!