Print option disappeared

Hi, when I try to print (export) a score, the export options have disappeared and make it impossible to export the file. (This applies to old and new files. It works on my other computer, so it’s not a file-related issue but a software issue.)
I could reinstall the software, but I would have to make sure that my shortcuts can be copied. Previous threads have been of previous Dorico versions so I am not sure if they still apply.


(Dorico, using it on MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1 (20D75))

In Print mode, try typing Ctrl-9 (Windows) or Cmd-9 (Mac). If you look carefully at the right edge of the window, you should also find a little arrow that you can click that will achieve the same result.

Thanks for your reply! Sorry, this is not what I meant. I meant, the options literally disappeared. I uploaded a screenshot to I click on the arrows under “destination, printer”, and nothing shows up. I click on the arrow under page set up, and nothing shows up.


Two thoughts:

  1. That’s not the Graphics tab. Unless you have a very good reason, exporting should be done from the Graphics tab.
  2. Do you have multiple layouts selected in the left panel? This sort of thing tends to occur when you’ve previously printed one layout using one printer and another layout with another printer. The dropdown can’t show two printers at once so it shows neither. You should still be able to click on the dropdown and select a single printer, though, which will then be applied to all selected layouts.

Is it possible that your printer isn’t correctly installed on that computer? Does it show up in other applications, or if you go to System Preferences > Printers and Scanners?

Thanks so much! This has solved it. I always exported my files via the printing tab (print > open PDF in Preview > save PDF) and since this always worked I never needed to explore the graphics tab. Thanks for that though, exporting via the Graphics tab works perfectly well!

Thanks and all best wishes!