Print screen is blank

I worked on a short score last night and printed it out. After opening it up this morning and making several changes I went to print an updated copy. However, when I went to the Print screen the page was blank and nothing printed. I tried closing and then reopening Dorico and even restarted my computer (a MacBook Air with OS X 10.10.5) but this didn’t help. I also searched the forum and discovered a related case where the problem was resolved by checking the Form 1 box in Setup mode but this was already checked in my case. Suggestions?

PROBLEM SOLVED: I reviewed the Print Mode entry in the online Dorico Manual and noticed the “OS X Dialogs” at the bottom of the left hand panel. I clicked on the “Page Setup” button to bring up a menu and my music reappeared without doing anything further. It also printed out fine.

I’ve noticed this sort of thing happens (at least running Yosemite) when I save a project while in Print mode. I’m able to get out of it by switching to another mode, making an edit, and saving while in that mode.

Thanks for your response. Yes, I have noticed the same thing and often switch modes as a workaround. That didn’t cure the problem here, though, although the workaround I eventually discovered and settled on is quite similar.