Print section takes a lot to load

In some of my scores, print section takes a LOT to load (like several minutes).

I’m talking about 40 instruments or more.

Also, I noticed that when I change something, sometimes it takes a lot to “load”.

I don’t know why this happens, if you know and if you’re planning on improve the speed of this things.

The Print section is especially noticeable.

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Depending on what you change or add, Dorico may have to recalculate the layout for your entire piece (in those layouts you have open either in view or on tabs), so that can sometimes take time. The Team is constantly working to make this process as efficient as possible.

Do you have Condensing turned on? I generally find Dorico to be pretty fast, but it slows to a crawl with Condensing turned on for a large orchestra score.

FredGUnn, Yes I have “condense” on. But I need it, as I use 40 or more instruments in those scores. I guess it is the “culprit”.

Derrek, I know they work very hard in making Dorico better, that’s why I posted this :slight_smile:.

My point was that the number of layouts you have open, either for view or on tabs ready to view, can affect Dorico’s reaction speed. If you use condensing, it is best not to work in that layout and not to keep it on call in a tab at the top of the screen.

My reference to the Dorico Team’s efforts was simply to acknowledge that I knew they were still working on optimizing the program.

I recently experienced the same thing. In my project containing 36 layouts including the full score, selecting all layouts and changing them to Export (as opposed to Print which is the default) took nearly 20 minutes on my machine.

Since I suspect that improving the speed of print mode (or improving the speed anywhere for that matter) is far from a simple matter, I offer the following suggestion: instead of having the Print option as the default, make it possible to instead having the Export option as the default; what takes time is the switching between those, and since I, and probably many more of us, almost never have any use of the Print option, eliminating the need to change this manually will save us a lot of time and frustration.