Print Setup page size not saved


On my Mac (High Sierra), I export the score as a PDF using the Print mode > Print button, that is the system Print dialog. From there, I use the Save as PDF command to create my PDF.

Prior to this, I click the Print Setup button in the Print mode, and choose the paper format. After exporting, I save the Dorico project.

Next time I open it, the paper format has been reset. The default is A4 Portrait, and my previous selection of US Letter Landscape is no longer the chosen one.


Unless you have a very good reason to use the macOS dialog, you should use the Graphics Export functionality for exporting to PDF. It bypasses your print driver entirely, meaning you’ll always get the exact margins you’ve asked for, and it gives you the flexibility to export to any paper size (including large ones that your printer can’t necessarily support). It also gives you useful automated filenames that the macOS dialog doesn’t. As long as you’re exporting “Normal” type jobs, the only page size that matters is the one you’ve specified in Layout Options.

Good to know, thank you. I was using that one out of habit.


Yes, to add to Leo:

if you save PDFs via the macOS print dialogue, your printer‘s available paper sizes will override any layout choices made in dorico.