Printed Cubase 7.5 Manual

Is there anyone interested in a properly bound Cubase 7 or 7.5 printed manual? I am looking at going through a company to have the Cubase PDF literature professionally printed (with covers, and bound). Wondering what the interest is, because if I print 100 copies, the price is significantly cheaper per copy. We could do a group buy, or something similar.

I know everyone can print it themselves and punch the holes and put it in a binder, but to have a professionally printed copy adds that much more value to the product and also cuts down on time when needing to reference the manual.

IMHO it’s a real shame Steinberg didn’t include at least the main operations manual with the retail purchase of the product.

So… is any one interested? Or do I just order one for me? :wink:



Aloah G,
and thanks for the offer.

Normally I would be on board with this but at the rate
Cubase is changing I am afraid a hard bound copy
would in six months to a year end up sitting on a shelf.

What I have done is to go thru the manual page by page
and taken screenshots of ‘what I do not know’ in Cubase and then transfer
those pics to my iPhone.

This way learning can happen anywhere. Even while on the pot. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your project.

What Curteye said.

Cubase seems to be going through a transitional period considering all the new features and mix console. With all the changes right now I doubt they would even consider it…even if hundreds of users said they would pay extra for it.

People have begged and pleaded in the past, but it just brings out the same regurgitated arguments…iPad hatred, environmentalism, saving trees blah blah blah… I find it strange some would object to the choice of paying more for a printed manual, but these are strange times.

Could there also be a copyright issue if it was an organized group buy?

I don’t see how anyone serious about learning Cubase could get sentimental over a “bound and printed” manual for a program which changes from cycle to cycle.

I’ve learned more from friends and co-workers, than I have ever learned from reading a PDF or hard copy manual.

Is there a manual (PDF) available for 7.5?
I did look but couldn’t see one.

PDF file is in the same place as always, in the help section of the program and in the documentation sub folder of the install folder

Is there a manual (PDF) available for 7.5?
I did look but couldn’t see one.

Not exactly…There is the manual for 7 and an additional pdf covering new features in 7.5

I am one of those who still thinks we should get a proper, printed manual.
Here’s why.
These are not only expensive programs, but also very complex and a user manual is a must have thing - a PDF does not cut it for me as I cannot take a PDF away from a computer. This is a complete killer for me.
I refuse to buy a bloody iPad - period.
I do not like PDF manuals, as it means using a second computer to utilize the buggers as both my monitors get taken up with application windows, and there is no room for PDF and it can cause issues switching application focus, and it utterly ruins my concentration. Reading from a computer screen has damaged my eyes considerably (my problem, I know, but still a problem) as reading off high contrast LCD screens is vastly different to printed pages.

Arguments against - paper/trees? Pur-Leeze, less of the dippy hippy green nonsense as paper is made from fast growing, specially planted trees that would not BE planted in the first place if they were not going to be pulped for paper, and as nobody uses mahogany/oak etc for books this is a non-argument.
Paper ties up carbon (not that CO2 has anything to do with the matter as it is not now & never has been a pollutant but is instead a naturally occurring gas) whereas bloody great server farms are not at all “green” - they use fantastic amounts of electricity not to mention all the rare earths in the servers & the “environmental cost” of building them - and replacing them/disposing of the old ones every other year so the green tosh is simply nonsense.
It is simply a way of Yamaha cutting corners (oops, “costs”) - the prices have not gone down with the absence of a manual.

But then the manual would have to be updated correctly. :wink:

Happy iPad owner here (other tablets are available), so am glad to be free of the frustration of printed manuals that rapidly go out of date. Apps like PDF Expert are excellent at annotating and searching.

No one has mentioned anything about being green and besides, environmentalism would likely not be in Steinbergs’ interests.

I’m old school when it comes to manuals in some ways… I like a really well-written 1000-page monster, the more detail the better. But since I went iPad, I no longer would want something like that printed on paper. I have boxes of old manuals that do nothing for me and are totally out of date now. All they do is collect dust and waste space. I might have used them for a while at some point in the distant past, but I’d rather annotate a PDF on an iPad nowadays.

Every one has their preference. I amended the 7.5 update to the operation manual. It’s getting printed in 7.5" x 10" format, with spine and glue. High gloss covers. 477 pages. Looks like a real book :slight_smile:

I keep my iPad air with me as well for referencing all sorts of documents and manuals. But sometimes it’s nice to grab a book and read (Hot tub anyone?). Maybe I’m old school that way.

Anyways… I was just curious to see what kind of interest there was for this.

I’ll take pictures of mine when it’s done so you can all see. And then I’ll be then envy of all MWAH HA HA :wink:

Just out of curiosity and if you don’t mind me asking, what did you pay to have this done? I’m sure a Kinko’s or Office Depot/Max, or Staples that have in-house printing/binding capabilities could handle this but imagine it could get pricey.

Actually I’m getting it done at the Edmonton Public Library (Alberta, Canada).

They recently installed this machine:

They charge $5.00 for the cover and 0.05 cents per page. About $28.00 after taxes.

It’s quite an impressive machine. Lot’s of paper choices and cover stock choices. I went with a high gloss cover and natural white for the book block. The whole thing is printed, bound and glues in about 2.5 minutes. They also have a few 3D printers…so if anyone needs a Steinberg key, maybe I’ll get one printed :wink:


That is some nice printer. I hate being old school but I like having the printed manual. I have the manual in my iPad but I just prefer the paperback and not just PDFs. Many of the most downloaded books I have in printed form. Right now, I’m at 14% battery… then what?

I may need to locate this device in my area and have them print one as well… I guess you can include any portions of the compilation you would want?

I used a PDF editor to delete pages I didn’t want and to also add the pages from the quick start and the 7.5 upgrade addendum. So yes, you could completely customize it however you wanted. The only physical limit with this particular printer is it can’t put more than 800 pages in a single book.

My 2cents— I would love having a printed,bound,quality manual----if it was included with the program. For me,true comprehension is achieved with a printed copy,rather than in digital form.I have an Ipad and an E-reader,and would rather reach for"the real thing"anytime. $28. isnt as expensive as I thought it would be.Yes it would be a drag to see Cubase change soon,but heck,I still read my old copy of "Cubase Power"once in a while… :exclamation:

Not me, I love the dynamically changing nature of Cubase and while I can be trepadacious about upgrading from time to time, once I find a unique feature I will gladly take any and all bugs in my stride.

I like many also prefer a printed manual. I would not however invest in a printed manual currently - until it is officially revised. I have the manual in PDF on a tablet so it’s similar to having the printed manual on the desk while I’m working. I must admit that the search function in PDF reader is a boon!