Printed Operational Manual

Hi there,

is there any chance to buy printed Operation Manual for Cubase 6?

I’m afraid not… there will no more printed manual. Seems to be the current policy.
Become an e-reader (iPad,…) or print the pdf by yourself as a workarround.


Hello dkalna,

Unfortunately we won’t offer printed manuals. But we changed the copyrights and now you are entitled to print the PDF if you want to (this was not allowed before).

Well, thanks for your responses. To print it at home would be quite expensive business.

…and a reduction in costs for Steinberg.


I would recommend tpo print it at a copyshop and not at home.


Amazon has announced that in the US it sold more e-books for its Kindle device than it sold paperback books in the last three months of 2010

Probably cheaper than printing it at home… :laughing:

Steinberg appears to be saving money all round come on users you can test on other OS’s other than than the approved ones and you can also print your own manual. I’m afraid your cost saving attitude is making me seriously considering saving the cost of the upgrade. :unamused:

Yep but i don’t mind paying 40-50 quid less for the update because there is no longer half a dead tree in it…
Personally i prefer to just dig into the manual as needed which is usually when i’m running cubase, so i find the PDfs ideal for this… i’ve never even opened my C5 manual… but yeah i can understand some people like paper manuals.

Yeah right - recession…? What recession…?

Kudos to Steinberg. I think this is a good move. It would seem many users don’t want a printed manual. Those that do can easily print it themselves at their local copy shop,or on a personal printer. Meanwhile there is a huge saving in environmental resources by not supplying a physical manual with every copy and shipping it all over the planet.

For the record I use paper manuals a fair bit myself, especially when getting to grips with a new product.

Is that official as in Dear Steinberg customers we have lowered the upgrade price by only testing on the latest OS and not including a manual? :question:

Nope… just real world observation rather than marketing hyperbole…

Updates have been in the region of £150 here in the UK… the update package can now be bought for £112 from most places here in the UK… apply some simple maths… :wink:

How can anyone expect testing to be performed on a system that is beyond it’s shelf-life?

As for the manual, if it saves money then I’m all for it. While they are at it do away with the boxed DVD’s and give me a downloadable update too. :neutral_face:

And please don’t forget that we included a 2 hours hi-def video tutorials to compensate the loss of the printed operation manual. :wink:

OK I’ll buy that one but you must admit you can’t take a video to the bathroom for a read :slight_smile: Old habits die hard as I have always reached for the manual, change is change but I’m not sure its always for the best.

RTFM has a much better ring to it than LAFV, Look At The F’n Video. :astonished:

I haven’t even watched the promo vids yet.

Most of my insights come directly from other members and since signing up I’ve already got a good idea what to expect.

I understand the loss of manual may annoy some but lesser variants never even had it (only quickstart guides).

Anyone know if Nuendo still has a printed manual? :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, the video tutorials are also available in 7 languages: english, german, japanese, french, spanish, italian and chinese (chinese will come on the next maintenance update). :slight_smile:

I tried to use the printed manual once, but I couldn’t find the “search” button. Tapping the index didn’t open the right page either. :ugeek:

Would be nice to have an eBook version. PDFs are designed for a fixed page size and do not reflow the text to fit the viewing device. PDFs on a Kindle 3 are a PITA.