Printed Quick Reference Cards

Hi, if anyone’s interested, I have a number of the new quick reference cards printed, and if anyone would like one, send me a message and I’ll be happy to post to UK for the cost of postage and a small charge.



Here in the UK, a few of us (John and me, in particular) have access to these cards, and we’re happy to send them free on request to e.g. schools, colleges, universities.


Are they not available as PDFs anywhere? Most people could print them out.

Absolutely they could, but I’ve had some done by a printing company on 350gsm card, and was more economical to have a number made than just one, which means I can offer a few to others at a much lower cost than they would pay themselves for one or two…

@benwiggy , have a look here: Quick reference cards – Dorico

PDF: Dorico-QRC-v4.3.pdf


Thank you for the PDF link. Not being a university (though retired from teaching at one), or in the UK, this affords some access to these seductive-looking cards.

I’m very pleased with mine, thanks Paul. Really nice quality and less than the price of cup of coffee.

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