Printer riddle

Dear all,

Here’s my riddle… :sweat_smile:

I use an EPSON EcoTank 16650 and print directly from Dorico. I printed out all 9 parts of a 20 minute chamber music piece, 3 copies at once. I chose A3 paper and booklet style, both sides automatically.

Everything seemed fine and I started producing the actual booklets when I noticed that I believe 2 of the three copies had the following issue:

One to two pages per part (always on the right side of the booklet) have a blank column in the middle of the page. (See picture)

I tried to make sense out of my observations but I don’t understand with what “logic” these mistakes happen:

Clarinet on page 11 (sheet 3)
Bassoon on page 7 (sheet 3)
Oboe on page 15 and 17 (sheets 3 & 2)
Violin II on page 15 (sheet 1)
Cello on page 9 (sheet 4)
Contrabass on page 7 and 9 (sheets 3 & 2)


I also printed the conductors score in A3 portrait but there were no mistakes so it has to do something with the booklet style.

The column resembles the correct column that is created in the middle of the A3 sheet where the booklet is folded. The correct column measures 3cm the mistake measures about 3,4cm…

Has anyone had this problem? Or ideas why this happens and how I can avoid it?

Greetings from Luxembourg!


Do you have the same issue when exporting the booklet as a PDF, and then printing from Acrobat?

Not what you’re asking, but just wanted to make sure you knew you can adjust the top padding of rehearsal marks in Engraving Options/Rehearsal Marks/Enclosure/Rectangle if they are printing off-center too. :wink:

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If your printer driver is making the booklet spread, I’d say it looks like something is going wrong with the imposition. It’s as if the white strip is the gutter for a bigger spread.

I cant remember anyone ever complaining of this.

I print in spreads like this almost daily either directly from dorico or by using the Scoring Notes PDF-BatchBooklet applet, and I’ve never encountered any problems like this. In light of that, I suspect this has to do with your particular printer/driver.

I haven’t tried that yet but I will do now! :slight_smile:

:joy:Thank you, I love how nerdy it can get on these forums… In a good way! :+1:


I don’t know what imposition means… Is there something I can change in my options?

If it is a problem with the driver, maybe it will work when I export it as a PDF first as FredGUnn suggests… However it’s a mystery how some of the copies (1/3) are just fine and the other two sets are flawed… And also, why is the mistake not in every sheet?

It certainly looks like some kind of problem in the driver. It’s worth checking whether or not an updated driver is available, particularly if you are running the most recent version of your operating system.

Thank you for your help!

For the moment I observe that as long as I send one set of the 9 parts (1 copy) at a time it works perfectly and that’s fine for me. In the end it’s not that time saving to send various copies at once as I can make the booklets in the meantime. :slight_smile:

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