Printing 12.5x18 (907.2x1296) and other large sizes

I’m contemplating dropping on a large format laser that will do up to this size. Testing Dorico’s acceptance of that size, to make sure it’ll work before I buy it isn’t yielding much. In the print mode it appears to only show available sizes for the printer shown. No problem, I defined a new custom size (Mac Catalina), but Dorico isn’t picking up on custom sizes.

To set a custom size hit “Page Setup …” in the lower right hand corner, and Custom Size on the bottom

It’s disabling the custom size, presumably because it knows it’s too large for my present printer, and presumably that’s why Dorico isn’t picking up on it. However I’d like to check and make sure Dorico has no issues printing large non standard sizes before going down this path.


As long as the printer supports it, Dorico will support it. The paper sizes shown in Print mode are lifted directly from the print driver, so there’s not much you can do to prove that it works until you actually plug the printer in.
You can, of course, prepare scores and parts at whatever size you like, by setting the appropriate page dimensions in Layout Options.

OK thanks, that’s what it seems. Related question, what about printing a PDF of a custom size? In Windows they have a custom PDF driver so presumably you can choose whatever size you want there. Mac too has this, except Dorico side steps the default dialog where you get that option. Anybody know a way to do a PDF print on a Mac?

On the other hand PDF is by default vector graphics format I believe, so theoretically it should just scale to whatever you want without issue, assuming Dorico does output vector without any issues.

As long as you’re exporting a “normal” job (e.g. not booklet/2Up), Dorico will entirely ignore the page size in Print mode when exporting, and only respect the page size as set in Layout Options.

This is a feature rather than a bug - it makes it possible for the likes of you and me to work on larger scores than we can actually print.

Aside from the way Dorico handles sizes, if you are looking for a good large format printer I can recommend a used HP laserjet 5200 DTN or something similar.

These are reliable workhorses that can handle up to 12.5 x 18 inches, and if you have the DTN duplexer, it can print in duplex as well which is a nice feature to have.

These used to be pretty expensive but if you shop around on ebay you can find good used ones for around $500, maybe a little bit more for a refurbished unit. Toner is expensive (and I would recommend buying original toner from HP), so that is one thing to check when buying pre owned. Also it is heavy (over 80 pounds) so shipping will be $$$ unless you can pick it up locally. I was fortunate to be able to pick one up in SF a couple of years ago, paid around $375 I believe.

Genius! I’m looking at a HP CP5225dn LaserJet Professional Color Laser Printer which looks to be the same family. Great to get a first hand report of the reliability. Yeah I’m thinking of just paying new, I’ll get warrantee and they’ll deal with shipping. Didn’t quite realize the size though, and 80 lbs? Bwaa

  • How are toner costs?
  • How is the color reproduction? This would be used for 3D art prints also. One review says they couldn’t calibrate the color, but that could have just been them