Printing 2 Mono tracks into a single one

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Ive tried the Search but haven’t found anything related.

I have recorded Vocals using 2 microphones, perfectly in Phase.

Blended both mica (CH1 - 0dB / CH 2 - -8dB) and then routed all tracks to my Vocal Group and process it.

i am happy with it, but the Singer needs some Parts tuned, and because 1 have 2 sources, its imposible to use Vari Audio to do this.

So i wanted to know, how can i Print/merge/ those 2 Mono vocal tracks into 1 single Mono track.
I know i can solo, and then bounce, but i dont want to add an export Stage into it.

Is there any Other way to do this? like a bounce following the channel volumes and creating a new mono wave file that i can tune with no Problem.

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Go for the Export Audio Mixdown, I can’t see any reason, why not to do it.

You could route both Audio tracks to a Group them add another Audio track, set the Group as an input of the Audio track and record to the Audio track the output of the Group. But it’s too complicated.

Why you don’t want to go thru the Export?

I suspect a lot of analog era ‘common wisdom’ gets accepted at face value in our digital world. Back then excessive bouncing of Tracks could cause problems & Exporting/Importing kind of feels like it might be similar, so folks avoid it. But the reality is there is no data or fidelity loss, especially when exporting to the same sample rate as the Project.

Alternatively, although not quite the same, since it always creates a stereo file (albeit identical left and right channels if the source channels are panned to the middle), but it might provide a slightly faster workflow: “Render in Place”:

Hey buddy, this is exactly what I want to do! But it’s a pitty only Mono

I think I’ll just route to a new mono channel, and batch export that channel in mono, and back into Cubase.

I just really wanted to avoid this since it adds an extra process stage, but I think it really doesn’t degrade anything since we are in 2021.

Thanks guys for being so fast as always, best forum ever :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


  1. Create a mono output bus in the Audio Connections/Outputs section (i.e. the place you currently have Stereo Output to your hardware and NOT in the mixer or arrangement window) I call mine Render2Mono

2 Then in Direct Routing of the track to RIP , change that from stereo output to the Render2Mono output just created

  1. Choose RIP and use the Complete Signal Path and it should work.
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