Printing a click

What’s the best way to print a click in Cubase 7?

Groove Agent with any sound you like as a click. Cowbells maybe. Just recorded the Cubase click today for just that purpose (though its sound is weird I like it :sunglasses: ).

Can you give us a step by step on how you do this?
Do you have one sound assigned for the 1 (high pitch) and another sound for beats 2-4?

Plus I have never used Groove Agent either. Guess its something I need to crack open. Coming from nuendo I am not used to all the extra goodies.

Any details and steps would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have Groove Agent but i was able to access a percussion sound from another VST instrument.
the same process…thanks!

It’s really easy. I’ve recorded a high and a low standard click via loopback. Check here as wav:
CUBASE (18.7 KB)
Create an instrument track with Groove Agent, open Media Bay/locate the click.wavs there and drag them to any two GA cells. Create a midi event (1 bar) on that track and paint in the two corresponding notes, copy as often as needed.

If you have varying time signatures you have to adjust the hi/lo click of course (not sooo convenient). If you like varying 8th/4th/triplets or any kind of strange time measure in your click track you can do it now easily (very convenient in some cases).

Cubase should implement a clicktrack as track category for future versions, printable please :sunglasses:

If you rather want to record the Cubase Metronome onto a fixed track, it’s quite easy if you have the Control room enabled by recording the cue send (with all audio muted) and click enabled of course.

How do you achieve this?

The outputs assigned to the cue are usually routed to an artist headphone distributer or a submixer, you simply wire a headphones out to an audio in (even easier if one uses a patchbay).

So there is no way internally?

Not that i’m aware of.
I guess you have to think of it as bouncing the click track.

I thought you had a secret, you’d have to record in real time, not really a good alternative.

BTW. What I do now is, in my template,I have a 1 bar loop with a “rimshot” sample on quarter notes (the same one as I use for the Cubase click) copied for 120 bars and assigned to a mono group with no output… If I need to print the click (which I actually do quite often), I just have to make sure there are enough bars and export the group.

If the tempo is constant, you only need to record a few bars and you can copy the rest :wink:
Yes it needs to be recorded in real time but that’s not that far removed from the need to record external FX, etc. in real time. As the OP asked how to “print” a click track (from Cubase) so I offered a plausible method.

Create a new main output in the output tab of VST connections (F4).
I call mine “stereo out 2”.

Di not assign this to any hardware output.

Route the output of your click sound VST (like Battery) to this output.
Create a new audio track that matches the configuration of this new output (probably stereo).

Select “stereo out 2” (or whatever you called it) as the input to this track.

Enter record and there you go.
You will monitor the click while it’s recording from this new audio track, obviously, which should be feeding your normal main outs.

You can, by the way, repeat the above to print multi-out VSTis for any purpose.


Recording a “click sound VST” has already been mentioned by MarQ.
I was explaining a method of tracking Cubase’s own integrated metronome (e.g. to serve as a click track outside of Cubase.)

VST is no help here because I often work in 32 time and the internal click has let’s say, a distinctive sound.

Not exactly.

What MarQ suggested was a very clever way to use an existing wav file within GA to create a click which would vary as your tempo does - convenient.

What you mentioned was how to record the internal Cubase click to an audio track - and, as far as I know you are correct. It requires an external loop back from your sound card.

What I mentioned is a way to INTERNALLY record the output of any VSTi - or track for that matter, whether click or other - to a new audio track. I use it almost exclusively to print VSTis or mixes thereof.
You can also use group tracks in the same way. Just make sure they are not assigned to the main Stereo out or you’ll get twice the fun.


The loopback idea has merit, of course if you are using digital but it would be great if it could be rendered internally.

Yes the cubase click can be a bit of a pain at times, working on something in 3/4 65bpm at the moment and just could not get the click to work exactly the way i wanted it so (double speed) i used the GAO method mentioned above, saved the GAO kit for future use and programmed the midi using BD… so i can either render a couple of bars of GAO to audio and use the above method or just use it ‘as is’ as it uses very little resources…
yep it’s a bit annoying but it’s not really a work-flow killer and if you save the GAO kit and the BD midi to go with it, or render a few bars of it and save to a separate file, each time you need a different type of click, before you know it you have most scenarios covered innit :wink:

+1, not a pain, not really comfortable.

I’d wonder if Steinberg would not implement improvements in this area anyway, just a matter of time to get a more instant solution I guess. 'Till then I’m ok with the simple workarounds when it comes to complex click situations, 98% of the time the click as we have it does what it needs to in my world.

In reality it would take a huge amount of CPU time to render internally anyway, maybe it could be implemented as an off-line process.