Printing a single player

When I chose a single player in the layout menu it is displayed in Einrichten mode… But when I switch to print… Nothing is displayed.
Why does this happen?

You have to select the layout(s) you want to print/export in the list on the left. In Print mode, the layout selector in the toolbar at the top of the window is disabled.

As usual I don’t manage

I am in setuo mode

All players are selected on the left

I switch to Cello on the top

Just the Cello is displayed

When I de select the players iti is suggested to delete the notes

On the right side in the layouts just Cello is selcted

When I switch to print it is empry

If you haven’t yet, try reading the pages I linked you to in your other thread about “showing a combination of single voices”. It sounds like, if you’re getting the prompt about deleting notes, that you’re deleting the players or removing them from a flow?

Can you describe what you want to achieve as an end result, and perhaps attach your project here?

Originally i have a Sextett oiece
And just want to print to players of them in one layout to print that.
That didn’t work so I decided to print just the single players… With no result as well

I read what you sent but on my left setup page is no layout selecting… It is on the right?? And there just Cello is selecred.

Wow really complicated for such an easy thing isn’t it?

In each project, there should be a “full score layout” (“Partitur” in German) that contains all players, and then a separate part layout for each player individually. If there isn’t a layout that contains all players, you can add one in Setup mode by clicking the “Add Full Score Layout” button (the one showing a conductor) at the bottom of the Layouts panel (which in Setup mode, is on the right).

The individual part layouts are named the same as the player by default, e.g. “Violin”.

In Print mode, the Layouts panel is on the left. In order to print a layout, you must switch to Print mode, select the layout(s) you want to print in the list on the left, then print with the necessary settings.

When you select a layout in Print mode, it should display in the area in the middle as a print preview. If this isn’t happening for you, attach the project so we can check.

Ok Tha k you instill find it confusing in setup mode with the interaction of:

Selscring on the top: layout?
Selecting on the right :layout?
Selecting on the left : player

But if I select them on the left : nothing is changed in the current layout

Different Modes (Setup, Write, Engrave, Play) use different columns or pull-down menus to select the layout that is active.
And Layout Options uses another column to select which layout(s) your changes affect.

Or as Google Translate would say:

Verschiedene Modi (Setup, Schreiben, Gravieren, Abspielen) verwenden verschiedene Spalten oder Pulldown-Menüs, um das angezeigte Layout auszuwählen.
In den Layoutoptionen wird in einer anderen Spalte ausgewählt, auf welche Layouts sich Ihre Änderungen auswirken.

Setup mode intentionally lacks hierarchy. You can select a player in the left panel and then assign it to layouts in the right panel, or you can select a layout in the right panel and then assign it to players in the left panel.

The layout selector (the menu in the middle at the top of the window, that provides a drop-down menu of layouts when you click it) is available in Setup, Write, Engrave, and Play modes. It changes the layout that’s open (and therefore visible) in the area in the middle. It doesn’t change anything about what players or flows are in that layout - all that functionality of assigning players/flows to layouts is in Setup mode only, using the 3 panels on the left, right, and bottom.

Different Modes (Setup, Write, Engrave, Play) use different columns or pull-down menus to select the layout that is active.
And Layout Options uses another column to select which layout(s) your changes affect.

I understood this, thats why I don’t manage… :slight_smile:

Thank you all, but I do not really understand the concept behind this different influencing each other layout concept. I tried with the video and with the manual, but I would have needed a clear workaround explanation for reaching the result .

Thank you all for your patience but I will sent the partitur now cause I dont get along with this 5 layout possibilities .

I have been confused by Print mode as well. I’m not sure if anyone has requested this: but I would find it helpful as a default behavior, when going to Print mode, to automatically move to the layout that I was working on just before.

It is a kind of cognitive dissonance to see “Flute 1” at the top, while a full score layout is in the Print mode window (even though “Full Score” is highlighted at the left).