Printing Chords from Chord Track in Score Editor

I have a melody line and chords in the Chord Track. I want to print the melody with the chords using the score editor. I haven’t found this topic in the manual or on youtube. How can I print the chords?

The Score Editor being open:
From the menu go to Scores>Advanced Layout>Show Chord Track

Edit: important! this option is available in Cubase Pro only.
(Thanks to @steve for this rectification)

The chords can also be copied.

  1. Select the chords from the Chord Track
  2. Hit “L” to move the Project Cursor at the beginning of the first chord
  3. Edit / Copy
  4. Open the layout on which you want the chords to appear
  5. Edit / Paste

This helps when you want to make minor position adjustments (without messing the position of the chords in other layouts).