Printing Chords track

I’ve a Chord track I did to play the song.
Now I want to print it to the other players.
Is that possible?


Open Score Editor, Show Chord Symbols here, and print the Score.


Chord symbols (created from the CHORD TRACK) appears above the upper staff ( in my case two staff for piano). Can I make them to appear below (between the two staffs)? I need to print the LYRICS above.

THanks in advance.

Look over and experiment with this.

Hi Stephen57,
My problems/question is a different issue. I already deal with individual elements in the score (chords, text, etc) but my question refers to all the CHORDS created in the score with the “CREATE CHORD SYMBOLS” form the CHORD TRACK. All together in block which are inserted in the upper staff.
No problem to move then individually but it is a big job to moveeachone (theres are many).

BTW: I have just seen that immediatle after creation all of them are selected (ready to move them all together.)

Sorry my english.
Thanks a lot.

I understand. Sorry I can’t be more helpful with this. :frowning: I think I understand what you’re saying and it would be good. Perhaps someone will have a solution. Good luck.

Thanks so much Stephen.