Printing (exporting) select flows

Is there a way to export to PDF a layout (or multiple layouts, I guess) of just single flow (even when the layout will ultimately contain multiple flows once the whole project is done), and have the PDF named for the flow, including its work number?

I’ve just been doing Page Range instead of the entire project; but I agree, it would be nice to do as you suggest. I don’t think it’s possible at this time.

Yes, I agree that this would be useful, and it’s on our list for the future.

Please add this asap. Using D 2.1 for a full orchestral film score right now with 20 music cues (one cue per flow). I need to export individual cues. What would be also nice to have a way to tell dorico: Create A folder for Each Flow and Export (Single Parts + Full Score) PDFs into those folders…

Thanks , lokotus

Are there any news on this?

Not at present.