Printing Flows

Hi All,

Does anyone know if it is possible to print all the parts from one flow [ I’m on a Mac ]
I have a file which contains about 15 flows, each of which is a film cue, I would like to print just one flow, full score and all the parts. Is this possible ?



Not at present, no.

It’s been asked before, but not yet. The problem is that there’s not a clear relationship between pages and Flows.

Would it be any use to export each Flow?

It would be useful to be able to export each flow a separate PDF’s



Definitely agree Dave, but as previous discussions have pointed out (and Ben’s comment above), it’s a real quandary. If you have flows set to begin on same page, and you want to print flow #2, how would it be formatted? Page layout, casting off, and staff spacing are all real issues.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the team tackles this one, but it seems like a doozy.

Not just that: If you Unlink the music Frame from the Master Frame Chain, you can have a Flow starting on page 1, and then starting again on page 2, and then starting again on page 3.

The way to do this at present appears to be to:

  • Create a new layout and give it a name
  • Add players and select Remove All Flows From This Layout
  • In the Flow panel at the bottom of the Setup view, right-click the flow you want to appear in your layout and select your new layout from the menu options.
  • Apply any Layout Options necessary

You can now print your new layout which contains only the flow that you left in. You could repeat for each flow.

And System/Frame Breaks, Staff Visibility settings, Note Spacing Changes, Manual positioning…

And for each Instrumental Part.

You can export the single flow as it’s own file, and print from there.

File menu > export> flows