Printing guitar & tab

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and I’m a new Dorico user.
Let me start telling you I’m from Italy, guitarist and drummer.
I use Dorico for my students parts and exercises and for my own arrangements and songs.

I have a project with electric guitar and bass, both with tablature.
The tab is ok and appears correctly in write mode, but not in print mode!
In print mode just guitar with no tab.
Tabs appears in full score too, they don’t appear in the single instrument

“Where did I go wrong”?


Welcome to the forum, BeBopBeCool.

Visibility of tab is a per-layout setting. That means you can show it in the score but not in the part, or in the part but not in the score, or have multiple part layouts for the same player some of which show tab and some of which don’t - the choice is yours. Layout Options (Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-L) has a list of the Layouts in the right side of the dialog. Select the layout you want to add or remove Tab from, then in the left side of the dialog go to Players > Fretted Instruments and you’ll find the options you need. Apply and close.

Print mode doesn’t use the general layout menu at the top; it uses a separate list of layouts on the left hand side. This is in order that you can select multiple layouts to print or export them concurrently. I suspect you’re looking at one layout in Write mode, and a different layout in Print mode.


This solved my problem!!