Printing in Cubase Artist 9

We realised we have a laptop running 32 bit win 7 that therefore couldn’t be updated from V8.5 to V9 so we are going to try printing them from this (and to think we judged this a real pain at the time)

Thanks for the help and offers to print for us - might take you up on it if it does not work for some reason!

Oh, no. I just upgraded from Cubase Elements 9 to Artist 9 in order to get score printing functionality. Has Steinberg addressed this issue for you? I’m hoping this wasn’t a $200 mistake on my part!

(There’s no difference between printing in Elements and Artist, according to the comparison chart, sorry to say)

I played with this a bit more, and I think it might not actually be broken, or at least there’s a workaround.

Try setting the window width to a narrow width, here 720 pixels did the trick, and print…

The printout does not have cut off edges.

Ah - so I WAS right all along then: Printing scores from score editor - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Yes, the workaround is the exact one you posted in your earlier thread.