Printing Issue

Hello Gang -

Admittedly, I am still wrapping my mind around how page layout works in Dorico. I have figured out a lot of my issues, but this one still seems strange.

My Doc is set up for 9x12" paper - so I can print 2 up on a 18x12 sheet and fold. I have discovered my layout issues between the full score and the parts, even though this is just solo piano piece.

In Engrave mode, I have the part selected and laid out with three pages. When I go to print, I see on the side still 3 pages, but, when I choose Normal printing, I get an extra blank page, then page 2, then 1, then 3. If I choose Booklet, it is fine. Just curious why I have an extra page at the top (so 4 pages total) and the mis-ordering of pages.

I checked my Chain Links in Engrave, all MA. No extra pages show up, I must have done something in Layout Options,but can’t figure it out.

Thanks for any help.

It’s more likely you’ve done something in the right panel of Print mode. What does that show?

If you haven’t done something there, is it possible you’re looking at the Piano Part Layout in one mode and the Full Score Layout in another mode?

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Job Type is Normal, Same result regardless of Printer or Graphic. Print Range is All. Page Setup is Portrait.

Ah - found it. It was int Duplex printing. I didn’t realize that also applies to Graphic output.

Thanks Leo -

Yes, this took me a (embarrassed how long) time to understand why changes I was making in Layouts were not showing up in printing. :man_facepalming: