Printing Issues

I am considering switching from Sibelius to Dorico but the printing options and exporting PDFs is becoming a big frustration. I cannot export a PDF that has a page size of 9x12 which is what I set my layout to be in setup. However, when I get to print mode I cannot “print” the PDF as my own printer does not support 9x12 printing. I need to create the PDF so I can take it to my local print shop to have the parts made. This seems like such a basic functionality. Perhaps I have missed something? Why can I not just simply export a PDF in the format I initially set my page in?

Scott, are you choosing the option for Graphic —> PDF?

I’m in Print mode -> Graphics -> PDF. The ability to select a paper size is greyed out and it is set to “Letter”. Which isn’t even the default size for my score.

It’s greyed out for me too. However, I often print B4 to graphic and it turns out to the right format. Print, and check the properties of the resulting PDF in your PDF reader. You will see that it indeed has the right dimensions.

Just do it anyway! The file will be the correct page size. Dorico’s print preview and settings can only use your printer’s options.

When you export Graphic (PDF) the page size is the one specified in your Layout options. I thought this had been made clear in all the threads about this subject…

I guess I misinterpreted the other threads. I thought that since it was the page size of my printer I couldn’t export it in the correct dimensions. I understand now. Thanks so much everyone! (Was a frustrating night since I really don’t want to go back to Sibelius haha)