Printing keeps switching back to Letter

Really weird issue preventing me on Mac to print a score. The printers settings only have 11x17 and 12x18 paper - no letter in either tray.

  • At the top, even though the left hand Layouts is set to Full Score, the greyed out score indication is Piccolo 1, yet the score is displayed. I can’t get the score to show in the top unless I go back to engrave and change it. Either way this doesn’t make a difference.
  • Print Mode, System Dialogs Page Setup…: set Paper Size to Tabloid
  • Close dialog, open again and verify it’s still set to Tabloid
  • Print … : set paper size to Tabloid, hit print
  • The printer asks to load Letter
  • Page Setup…: has reset back to Letter

Really odd is that another score does print

The dropdown at the top is a red herring - it’s greyed out because it simply doesn’t apply in Print mode. The layout you select in the left panel is the one that will print. What happens if you go through the print settings in the right panel? On the whole they give better results than the macOS system dialog.

Ah! Thanks Leo, yes that works. I got into the habit of using the system dialogs because to do parts, which is 12x18 folded in half, I need the capabilities of system dialogs because it needs to be two pages/sheet. Anyhow this gets me going with scores which are portrait 11x17.

So in the absence of a fix for this I wonder what I’ll do if I get the same problem when doing parts? In that case I suppose printing to PDF, then using Preview to do the booklet printing will probably work.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, the right panel can do this too. Set the type to 2Ups if you want right pages on the right and left pages on the left, or Spreads if you want the first page on the left and the second page on the right.


Great that works! Despite staring me in the face I didn’t see that dropdown. One issue however is I’m seemingly unable to duplicate the page order I can with the system dialog, for example

Two sided this puts the fold on the right, but it’s better on the left. So Major Sharp keys is first page, flats on the back, then sharp minor and flat minor. The system dialog has this Layout Direction which does what I want


Seems like the only way to fix is by changing the Flow order which wouldn’t work with a larger work. None of the options on this dialog give me these results.