printing lyrics in score editing

when i enter file to print the score and lyrics and press print…the score moves from a horizontal position to a vertical position but the lyrics stay horizontal…how do i fix this?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “the lyrics stay horizontal”.
Btw, which version of Cubase?

Well, the lyrics stay in a landscape orientation while the score goes into a normal, portrait orientation. Before I press print, everything looks as if it is in the landscape setting, but when I press print, the score shifts into a vertical, portrait setting, yet the words stay in their landscape setting. So the outcome is that many of the words are non-existent on the hard copy, nor are they under the correct notes, because they did not shift in the printed version with the score.

My version is a 6.0. Thanks for your help!

(by “version”, I meant, is this the full version of Cubase, or Cubase Artist, or Cubase Elements? :wink: )
The full version of Cubase requires to be in “Page” mode, rather than “Edit” mode for printing (so will switch automatically if you were in Edit mode when you click on “Print”), so it is always best to be in Page mode while you prepare your layout for printing.
The other, smaller, versions of Cubase, which have only the “basic” score functions, will still switch to the page size/format that is set for your printer. (However, that doesn’t explain why your lyrics don’t follow it :confused: )
Could you upload (a stripped-down version of) the .cpr … I’ll see if I can spot what is going wrong there :wink:. Or at least upload a screenshot?