Printing mix to stereo audio track like in Pro Tools?

Hey guys,

Cubase 9.5.41 user here, I love it, works great for my live setup. I think I’d like to start mixing and mastering in Cubase instead of Pro Tools for a number of reasons, but I can’t figure out how to “print” a stereo mix to an audio track like I can in Pro Tools. This is where all tracks are routed to an AUX track and then recorded in real time to an audio track. I like doing things that way for a number of reasons, but so far I can’t figure it out in Cubase. Gotta be possible, right?

Here’s how I do it in Pro Tools:

  1. Create a stereo AUX bus named “MONITOR” and make the input a stereo bus named “MIXBUS”.

  2. Make all tracks you want in the mix have their outputs sent to “MIXBUS”.

  3. Setup an audio track and make the input “MIXBUS”. Record enable the track, arm PT for recording, mute the “monitor” aux track, and then press play and PT records the mix to a new audio track in real time which can then be exported as a file later.

Can we do this in Cubase?



You can do this in Cubase Pro only. In Cubase Pro you can set any Bus as an Input of an Audio Track.

  • Add a Group (Monitor) Channel.
  • Route all outputs to the Group (Monitor) Channel.
  • Add an Audio Track and make sure the output of this track is not routed to the Group (Monitor) Channel (it could be set to No Bus for example)
  • Select Group (Monitor) Channel as an Input of this Audio Track.

Of course you can also Export > Audio Mixdown and you can do so in the real-time. In the Export Audio Mixdown window, you can enable to import the exported file back to Cubase and to the track.

Hello Martin,

Thank you so much! Ah, I see… I was missing the “group” channel idea. I tried to do it with FX channels before. So, this has cleared it up for me, it makes sense just like Pro Tools now. Thank you!


Great way to achieve the PRINTING MIX stuff! Thanks Martin !

Works also with FX channels.

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Hi, sorry for double posting but I asked this in another thread and didn’t know this existed yet.

Its render in place the same thing as printing the mix or export audio mixdown? What I am trying to achieve is print the mix to a stereo track and apply different tape machine emulations on it to compare.


From the quality point of view, yes, it’s the same as Export Audio Mixdown. And you have the options to export dry track, FX, whole chain.

I think it would be good for Steinberg to add this procedure to either the Cubase manual or to make a video on their channel. I think there are certain benefits to printing the mix that audio export does not offer you.

They did, but it obviously not many people seem to read it anyway.

I am quite certain that can be found also.

which section? is it called something different than “printing the mix”? I checked the operation manual and nothing comes up.

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