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A printing question (print to PDF, specifically):

I set up Dorico to use the instrument names when creating files of the parts (I followed the directions in the Dorico manual).

Except it’s not working. For example, I select violins, violas, celli, and basses, and when I try to print them, they all come up with the same name (the actual score name, minus the instrument)…

I have to manually change each name or else I will end up with one single file, with the score name, containing the music from whichever was the last instrument I printed

(for example it will be the doublebass part, but called “symhony_no1”, which is ALSO the same as the score, which will now be replaced by this doublebass part.)

the tokens in the print options dialogue are correct: $S, and $I. So the part names SHOULD be printing with each instrument’s name.

This gets frustrating with a large score because I have to keep track while printing of which instrument I’m doing at that moment.

a 2nd question:

where are page size definitions stored? for some reason, I can’t access the definitions I’ve created for the various page sizes I require (11x14, 10x13, 9.5x12.5, 9x12, named large score, score, keyboard part, and orchestral part).

actually, where is the defining information that tells Dorico that US sizes are my default? I keep getting UK sizes (A4, etc…)

Are you sure you’re using the Layout Name token ($L)? It sounds like you aren’t. Maybe you’re using uppercase I instead of lowercase L?

Also, hopefully you’re exporting to PDF as Graphic, not printing to PDF.

I’m exporting PDF, so printing to PDF.
trying to do so as a graphic gives me the wrong paper size.

as for the token, I will look again to make sure.

It’s my understanding that exporting to pdf via the graphic export in print mode does respect the page size setting from Layout options>Page setup. Are you experiencing a different behavior? (the page size setting in print mode is only used when printing, not when exporting graphic pdf, to be clear)

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I am finding that Dorico’s printing options are not very transparent.
it would be nice to know clearly that the native PDF printer takes the defined page size (from a completely different dialogue option) and applies it, rather than using what is indicated in the actual print dialogue (it always inputs A4 by default… again, why European sizes, when I am in the Americas?)

It’s sort of expected to see a page size and assume that is what will be used. Why doesn’t the print dialogue show the actual page size?

When printing any layout FOR THE FIRST TIME, the default printing page size comes from the printer’s available size list (not from Dorico). Whatever print sizes are available to the PRINTER is what shows, in the order the printer lists them. Once you select the proper page size for that printer (and each layout – but multiple layouts can be selected and applied at once), Dorico will remember those settings for that printer.

If you change printers, that list (and the initial default size) will change as well.

If you export via Graphic, the “page preview” image you see has no correlation with the actual exported PDF – that will be at whatever size each layout has in the Page Setup. It looks a bit wonky, but if you check them after exporting, everything is fine. (The preview won’t show accurately for this, as Daniel says, “for boring technical reasons… complicated by the QT framework underneath…” :wink:

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but my printer doesn’t HAVE European paper sizes listed.
so why do those appear?