Printing of flows uncomplete

Situation: 4-part piece / 21 flows
I want to print all instruments of Flow 21.
So I activate the 4 desired instruments in the print mode on the LEFT side, then on the RIGHT side I select the 21st flow under “CHOOSE”.

a) Riddle: Voices 1 - 3 are printed. The 4th voice is not printed and exported as a PDF. Why?

b) Wish: if I give the print command from the RIGHT side, as above, the print starts in a default setting without me being able to influence the print quality, paper feed etc. But I would like to be able to do this. However, I would like to be able to do this.

c) Suggestion: the print commands LEFT and RIGHT are both called the same = PRINT. I would find it useful if the command on the RIGHT side were labelled differently, e.g. “print selected” or “print special” or “print flows” or whatever, because different commands should be used for two different tasks. This is for the sake of user-friendliness.

Can you attach your project, @Stentor, or failing that send it to me via a private message? I would expect that all four layouts should print the single flow you’re trying to print, so there must be a reason why this failed.

Thank you, Daniel. Attached here is the file. I tried again to print ONLY the last flow. It happened again: the tuba was not printed and exported as a PDF. I could not influence the panel “Print and export”.

Another question: why does the print command RIGHT (for selected flows) not call up the usual printer driver window? There I would have liked to select a different (faster) printer behaviour sometimes.

BACH Choräle 021 - 040.dorico (1016.7 KB)

I hope that it will be transmitted correctly.

Here is the screenshot before printing