Printing on Mac - Inactive System Dialog selection buttons

I tried looking for this answer in the FB group and on the Forum, but perhaps my search kung-fu is weak.

I tried printing a score and parts from Dociro 3.1.10 for the first time yesterday on my Mac (MacOS 10.15.3), and ran into a slight issue. In the past I’d have selected the System Dialog options at the bottom of the Layout pane to perform Page Setup and Print. When I tried it yesterday, the buttons reacted as if they’d been pressed, but the MacOS dialog boxes did not appear.

Using the ‘normal’ settings of print to PDF within the Dorico print environment gave me the results I needed, but I’m curious about the System Dialog behavior. Has anyone else seen this?

Thank you in advance.

Thoe dialogs are certainly operational for me. However, I’d recommend always using Dorico’s own printing and PDF export features over the system ones in any case, unless you have an exceptionally good reason to use the macOS system dialogs.

Thank you, Daniel. Will do.

I have an odd problem where Dorico can’t properly override printer defaults over a network. Whenever I need to print single-sided at church, I MUST export as a PDF (via Dorico’s dialogues) and then open it up in preview and manually select single-sided printing. The single/double-sided settings in Dorico are outright ignored by the printer defaults, for whatever reason (or perhaps Dorico doesn’t communicate them properly over the network?). For whatever reason I can control this same setting just fine via preview. In the end I’m able to operate as I need, but I thought I’d report that quirk here just the same.