Printing one flow instead of all flows

Normally I use one flow per project. Now I have 3 flows in my project and I will only print the first flow. How can I do that?

Either: setup a layout that only contains your first flow; or in Print mode, set the page range to finish at the end of the first flow (you’ll need to tell it what page Flow 1 ends on).

How about adding a right-click option “print flow” in the Flows Setup pane that automatically switches to print mode and sets the selected flow’s page range? You can still add more printing options for flows, later, but this could be a nice little addition that makes exporting single pieces from whole songbooks much faster.



I can think of lots of situations where your suggestion would be helpful, but quite a few situations where it would be impossible for Dorico to know what to print without a layout being selected. Just a couple off lthe top of my head:

  1. Transposing or concert pitch?
  2. In the case of an opera score, you’ll have a Full score that contains all singers and players but no piano reduction, and a vocal score that contains all voices but only piano reduction - what does “Print flow” print?


that’s true – and that is why it should simply forward the request to print a certain page range to Print mode, where you can still select which layouts to print or export with all the adjustments that were (or weren’t) made beforehand in Engrave mode.
Another way to simplify this process: Have Dorico show the project page numbers next to the page preview in Print mode and in the pages panel in Engrave mode.

In the opera score example, I’d have the full and vocal scores as different layouts. That way they’d still be under the same flow (eg. Flow 1) but assuming each flow corresponded to a particular act of the Opera, that would allow me to print just act one and then determine which score I needed. I think that could be an implementation that works, but then again, I suppose it’s contingent on whether or not flows are intended to correspond with movements/acts in a score.

You can now print one or more flows in the print options.

Doesn’t work here.
I wanted to print to PDF flow #2 out of 3, and it always starts with #1.
In another project I selected flow #1 out of two, and prints #1 but also the first staves of flow#2 as well.
Any ideas, or a bug? Version 4.3.30.

Printing a selection of flows does not change how the document was laid out. So if your second flow starts on the same page as your first flow, your first flow will appear, yes. Not necessarily entirely, it can be a system or two… it really depends on how the casting off is made. If you decided to start flows on new pages, for instance, then the first flow will not appear. It’s just another way of selecting pages, IIRC.

@gt-lund, there is a bug in the current version of Dorico 5 (at the time of writing, 5.0.20) that causes the option to print a selection of flows not to be set consistently when you select multiple layouts in the Layouts panel in Print mode and try to apply that selection to multiple layouts. I guess the same problem probably exists in Dorico 4.3.31 as well. (We will fix this problem in the next Dorico 5 update, but I’m afraid no further Dorico 4 updates are planned.)

As a workaround, select each layout in turn in the Layouts panel in Print mode and set the selection of flows for each layout separately.

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Thanks for the info about the bug in Dorico 4.
I would expect that this works as simple as the button suggests, so no layout fiddling required (and what causes that once the bug is fixed…)
Actually I found exactly those user-friendly features appealing enough to switch over from MuseScore.
Do I need to pay another time the fee for Dorico 5 to get this feature? ( I bought Dorico 4 a few weeks before 5 came out)

The feature to print/export selected flows was available in Dorico 4, but any changes and bug fixes will only be available in updates to Dorico 5.

Depending on how many weeks before Dorico 5’s release you bought Dorico 4, you may be entitled to the grace period update:

If you’re not eligible, Dorico 5 is a paid update from Dorico 4, more information here – Click “Buy”, then your version, then “Updates & upgrades”

You don’t only get this feature, of course: there is much in 5.0, over and above what is in Dorico 4. And of course, you will also get whatever else is in the next update that Daniel has mentioned.

Ok, ok I got the update. Now that works fine, thanks!

Re. the projects, I wonder why I had to reassign the instruments, they seemed to have changed so I did not get any output.
I discovered “Piano” got changed into “Klavier”. Any reason for that?

You maybe want to check the language in your settings:
With this two options you can affect the instruments names (and their language, or the language for Instrument Changes prefix for example), depending on your settings, for existing projects:

This one (in Preferences) affects the newly created projects/instruments:

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If you have no output one fast way may be to reassign the Playback Template (menu Play/Playback Templates then choose your template and click Apply and close)

Good to know it’s a bug rather than my inability to use the software. Any prospect of a bugfix for 4.3? Poor student here, can’t afford the new pretty features… despite wanting them…

Sorry, @aval7384, I refer you to my earlier response in this thread:

I’ve painted myself into a bit of a corner on a big project.

Separate flows for about 30 pieces, with different instrumentations. I’m trying to figure a way to print single flows and their parts easily but the only way to do it is to create a separate layout for each flow and a separate parts layout for each instrument in each of those flows.

As a workaround I can just keep one layout for which ever flow I’m printing for recording right now, and then just select the one flow I’m printing, same with the parts layouts, just select the one flow. But its too many clicks and I can’t select flow title as an option for printing, so each part and layout ends up with the same names unless I keep renaming flows and parts layouts or create one for each flow. But then I’d end up with a couple of hundred layouts to keep track of.

Bad planning on my part, I guess.

Might it be easier to export each flow as a separate file?