Printing one flow instead of all flows

Normally I use one flow per project. Now I have 3 flows in my project and I will only print the first flow. How can I do that?

Either: setup a layout that only contains your first flow; or in Print mode, set the page range to finish at the end of the first flow (you’ll need to tell it what page Flow 1 ends on).

How about adding a right-click option “print flow” in the Flows Setup pane that automatically switches to print mode and sets the selected flow’s page range? You can still add more printing options for flows, later, but this could be a nice little addition that makes exporting single pieces from whole songbooks much faster.

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I can think of lots of situations where your suggestion would be helpful, but quite a few situations where it would be impossible for Dorico to know what to print without a layout being selected. Just a couple off lthe top of my head:

  1. Transposing or concert pitch?
  2. In the case of an opera score, you’ll have a Full score that contains all singers and players but no piano reduction, and a vocal score that contains all voices but only piano reduction - what does “Print flow” print?


that’s true – and that is why it should simply forward the request to print a certain page range to Print mode, where you can still select which layouts to print or export with all the adjustments that were (or weren’t) made beforehand in Engrave mode.
Another way to simplify this process: Have Dorico show the project page numbers next to the page preview in Print mode and in the pages panel in Engrave mode.