Printing paper sizes and weights

Some FYI research on printing for whoever is interested.

First it’s a bit of rats nest trying to sort out how to properly print scores and parts. So far this is the best guide I’ve found

Music Preparation Guidelines for Composers.

Paper is a bit of a rats nest

  • Scores - 11x17" (A3) or 11x14" (B4)
  • Parts - 9x12" (12x18" landscape folded in half) (C4)
  • Binding For concert comb binding, for studio recording tape binding (don’t want possibility of noise). Use surgical tape, there are a variety of videos on YouTube on this
  • Weight MOLA guidelines 60-70 lb (100-120 gsm)
  • Note that there is text paper (laser) and writing (foolscap is the archaic word that comes to mind) paper which are different standards
    • 70lb text is 28lb writing, here is an explanation of the weights
    • If you print yourself you need to check whether the printer you have can support the weight and size you want, and what your auto duplexing system can handle if you have it.

Given that I’ve determined that a combination of 11x17 and 12x18 will cover all parts and scores, and the portrait 12x18 can also be used for composing temps. If you want to print the HPCP5225dn is probably the cheapest option out there that will do all the paper sizes you need, and I believe can handle the weights (have to check that).

You should speak with a professional performance librarian for practical advice.

BTW, as a former PPL I have to say I hate comb binding. Not only is it noisy when turning pages (a consideration for live performance as well as the recording studio) but it’s a pain to store the parts.

Saddle staple or tape bindings are preferred (but never accordion-style).