Printing slow

My printer prints very slowly from Dorico (on other program it works fine) It is a Epson Stylus Photo 1500W. For me it seems like Dorico is telling the printer to print in is a very high resolution, as when printing on glossy paper. The must be a way to adjust print mode.
Thanks Kai

Dorico does indeed of course tell your printer to print in high resolution so that the print is of the best possible quality. There is no option provided in Dorico’s Print mode to determine the print quality, but you may be able to set the default print quality in your printer’s own driver, and Dorico may respect it.

Thanks for your answer. I am on a Mac, I dont see anywhere I can set the print quality. Normally a print box show up when I want to print, but from Dorico it starts printing directly.
Fantastic program Dorico 3!! :slight_smile:

What if you try this button? This is the OS printing dialog, not the Dorico native one. Here you can change the quality settings.

Thank you! That was what I was looking for - everything is fine:-)