Printing to 9x6

I’m working on a hymnal, but in Print > Page Setup, I cannot define 9x6 as a custom paper size.

I know how to define page size in Layout Options, but how do I get Dorico to print to a 9x6 paper size?

Thanks, all!

To actually print that size, it has to be available on your printer; dorico will only show you the paper sizes broadcast to it from your printer. If you export graphics to that size they will be correct, however.

I change the paper size in Library > Layout Options > Page setup > Page size to 9x6, I press ‘Apply’, yet when I attempt to set up page size in Print > Printer > Page setup, I see in the drop-down menu no option for my custom page size.

And of course, I then do not see my custom page-size 9x6 option in export-to-graphic.

Your graphic export will be correct and follow the proportions of the layout.

The reason you don’t see the 9x6 to print is because your printer doesn’t offer 9x6.

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Graphic export works fine now. I’ll have to deal with the printer, but so long as client can print from the .pdf for their own proofing, I’m okay for now.

I’ll let this thread know how things are going with this. 9x6 not being a ubiquitous standard paper size in this country (or anywhere else) surprises me, though I believe it’s standard in photography.