Printing to PDF 11x17 inch paper size

In layout options I have chosen 8 1/2 x 11“ as my paper size. In print mode I want to print the music to PDF in booklet form on 11 x 17 paper landscape. 11 x 17 is double 8 1/2 x 11.

11 x 17“ paper size is shown in Page size in layout options. However, when I go to print mode that size is not in the drop-down list. How do I add it?

EDIT: Ah - Booklet!

Yes, as Craig points out, there are options for booklet creation in Dorico. Not that you might need to change the duplex options in “Printer” mode first, to get the page order you want for the sheets, before then selecting “Graphics”.

Alternatively, there are lots of utilities to make booklets from the paged PDF, once you’ve made that.

Use the Job Type menu to get multiple pages per sheet.

Also note, dorico won’t expose this option to you if your printer doesn’t support it. So make sure you’re pointed to a printer that can.


And you should get the desired result (and be able to export the pdf too). I do this all the time.

That was all a big help. Thanks guys.