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I have a specific value of -6.00 db for an automation and then later on it goes to -00db and I want it back to -6.00 db. When I type -6.00 db in the VALUE (INFO LINE) and press ENTER it ALWAYS says -00 db instead of my desired value of -6.00 db. Yes of course one can use the mouse to change the value, but it seems impossible to have increments of 1 so I can never reach the exact value of -6.00 db.

Thank you so much for any help you could provide.

I’m confused. So you have three automation points; the first one at -6, the second one at zero, and the third one is also at zero? And that last one doesn’t move when you select it and type in “-6.00 dB”?

That is correct - 3 automation points. The last one when I type in -6.00 does move but it moves to -00 (I don’t seem to be able to enter any value that would ‘stay’ - it always defaults to that “-00 db”)). Therefore, yes value of -6.00 does not want to stay. I managed (somehow while using the mouse again!) to get as close as possible: -6.02. Being also an Ableton Suite user the fact not being able to enter a value which would stay is puzzling.

Thank you !!

Strange. I haven’t seen this in Nuendo 13.

I don’t get this either.

What happens when you try to do the same thing on a different track, different parameter?

Still good.

“What happens when you try to do the same thing on a different track, different parameter?” VERY interesting question - and I have just tried your question.

I have to tell you that I have no issue if the parameter is VOLUME (main volume of track). Not sure if this has something to do with the issue but I noticed my other automation is in “DB” whereas the VOLUME is just a number (no DB letters attached to the digits).