Pro 9.5 crashes and drops out audio

Hi, I’ve been using cubase since its invention in the early 90s. I’ve used virtually every version, they varied massively in reliability but were all superb writing tools, v grateful to Steinberg, tbh 7.5 was the most stable sequencer on a Mac I’ve ever experienced. I then recently made the fatal mistake of installing Cubase 9.5 and its literally like going straight back to the bad old days. Crashes, audio drop outs. Its utterly hopeless. I’m not alone. So after over 25 years of loving this amazing software I’ve just ordered a new Mac with Logic pre installed - thats how desperate I am… (& from what I recall I can’t stand Logic - but it does at least work!). I’m praying that before my new system arrives that Steinberg get their act together and have a total re think about Cubase 9 and make it stable (& give us that iterative quantise hot key we all need!)

Sounds like you’ve hit a wall of frustration, which sucks. Since many people are having a better experience, I would bet there’s something you can do on your system to make things better.

Your not actually asking for troubleshooting help, I’ll just mention that you can create your own Iterative Q key command with a macro, thus:

Iterative Quantize On/Off
Iterative Quantize On/Off

Then never turn on Iterative Quantize– use the keystroke assigned to the macro instead.

Totally agree about going backwards. The only reason i have 9.5 is because i have a pc.
I’ve also noticed the top producers for years have used Apple computers and either Pro Tools or Logic Pro.
If you have the cash it’s understandable to go that way but this morning i had the usual drop outs on the first project i played.
After that it seems to be OK

Hah, Logic is not even close to Cubase. Audacity works perfect too, but what can do with such basic tools. Complex functionality causes comlex architecture, bugs is out future, the is the price we pay for ultimate workflow, we love so much. I would never downgraded now to C7 or C5 :smiley: