Pro 9 Demo question....

Hi, was a user up to Wavelab 5, Demoing WL Pro 9 now.
As a Radio Producer I have effects folders, in these folders: Example: Star Swoosh 1, Star Swoosh 2, etc.
The reason I stopped using WL 5 was because, when I pulled an effect into Wavelab (Star Swoosh 2) and made edits to that effect, in my effects folder on my hard drive, I would have and edited Star Swoosh 1 PLUS all of the extra edits created Star Swoosh 1.1, 1.2 1.3 and so on…
My question is: Does WL Pro 9 copy the effect into its own “audio” sub folder, inside the project folder? And, does in put the edits into that same folder or, maybe another “Audio edits” sub folder? I’d like to keep the original effect in it’s folder unedited for future use.
Is there a way to do this in WL Pro 9? I’m really loving what you’ve done with WL!!
Thank you!!

Does WL Pro 9 copy the effect into its own “audio” sub folder, inside the project folder?

No. There is no change compared to WaveLab 5 here.

Eddie, if by ‘effect’ you mean an audio file with an effect sound, could you explain your way of working a bit more? Maybe there is an easier way to what you want to achieve…

Thank you PG and Arjan.
Arjan, The “effect” is any random sound effect, or music bed. in radio production we use car crash sound effects, cow moooooo sound effects, etc… When I drag a sound effect into my project (Drive C), lets say a car crash sound effect, Wavelab doesn’t create a copy of that effect when dragging it into the audio montage so, as I edit the sound effect, split it, ad pitch to it, chop the front two seconds off of it…it affects that sound effect in its folder on (Drive C)

In Cubase, when I drag that Car Crash sound effect into the program, Cubase will make a copy of that effect and place it in an audio folder within the main project folder so, any edits made to that sound effect will be placed in that same folder while the original sound effect (Drive C) will remain untouched and is ready to be used again.

Its very hard to explain, hope this helps?
Thank you!

Yes, so we are talking sound files here, not ‘effects’ in the sense of VST plugins.
I believe in your above example, most stuff that you do in the montage will not affect the original sound file; it is in fact the nature of the montage that it is non-destructive. So your split, chopped off, edited clip in the montage is only a representation of the original file without affecting it. If you edit a clip destructively - in fact its underlying sound file - you get the choice by WL to replace it with a copy which can then be put in the project folder.

I’d have to look in the manual for the details, but having done radio work in the past with WL as well, I can only say that the montage is heaven for that type of work. If the file handling is the only reason to NOT use WL, I think that would be a shame - and shouldn’t be necessary.