Pro 9 vs W7 vs W10

HI All,
It seems that if I upgrade my computer hardware, I’ll be forced out of W7 into W10. Has anyone had this experience and how does Pro 9 and vsts jive with W10? Did you have to change many computer programs or were you able to upload new drivers to accept?



Cubase 9 is optimised better for Win10 tha Win7 (where is the Aero think…).

Thanks Martin, good to know. The only thing that’s making me balk is that there is never going to be a W10 driver for my interface which I am stuck on. It’s an interface, sound card, controller and automated mixer all in one with touch sensitive motorized faders. They won’t make another all-in-one like it and I’d spend a lot of money trying to replace it with separate components.

The other thing is I was always skeptical about W10. All these years, Microsoft has charged a pretty good dollar for all it’s OS’s so why would they offer W10, their latest feat of engineering for free? Something tells me they wanted everybody who was in W7, 8 and 8.5 into W10 so they could have better control of our systems. What further confirmed my suspicions is that they took out the option to delegate whether or not you want manual download of your updates.
You would get them automatically whether you wanted them or not. I also heard they may have changed that policy because people complained about that privacy.
Also, many of them you couldn’t remove. When I did a search on W10 early on, I found there were several gig of fixit patches. I def smelled a rat and I’m still not comfortable with it.

Just curious, in what way are you forced to Win10 with new hardware?

Two thoughts…

First, if you’re plan is to stay on the Windows OS, eventually you’re going to have to go to Win10 (or a later version of Win). Sooner or later, MS will stop supporting Win7. Thus far, I seem to be getting better performance (all the way around, not just with my DAW’s) out of Win10 than I did out of Win7. Not dramatically better, but better. That being said, all of my machines (DAW’s and office machines) are loaded very lean and tweaked for performance. I don’t do games, no unnecessary drivers (onboard sound on my DAW machines is disabled, etc.), and my DAW machines only get limited Internet exposure (OS updates, etc.).

Second, as far as drivers, thus far any hardware that I have that does not have Win10 drivers, the Win7 drivers have worked without any hitches.

I am in a very similar situation as you. I have a hardware interface that I really like that’s not supported (or going to be) on W10.

I have been thinking about getting a new audio interface that supports W10 but I really like using my PCI for audio and not super keen on going to USB.

Have you tried it with W10?

I have a positively ancient E-MU 1820m sound card that hasn’t been supported since XP days yet works absolutely fine in W10, even with the same drivers that haven’t been updated for about 10 years.

no, I actually haven’t tried it but was thinking that I should. I don’t have a W10 set up ATM because of this. Maybe I can clone my system and give it a shot

And even if you like W10, keep the old os backed up somewhere with all plugs etc. I have old and working versions of XP and XP64 that can open old projects that misbehave on my current W7.

And most of the time a quick google will tell you if your old card is still working. Not all do and some need some work.

Hi Vinark,
I wanted to upgrade to a 7th gen i7 processor which requires me to upgrade my motherboard. It seems even the MB’s for the 6th gen of i7’s are phasing out compatibility with W7. Those MB’s will only work after reflashing the bios which you have to do with a 6th gen processor which makes no sense if you wanted it for a 7th gen.

That’s one of the most positive statements I’ve heard about this transition yet. That’s what I was looking for, any W7 driver success stories on the upgrade. All the companies I’ve talked to so far said their product wouldn’t work on W10 with W7 drivers.

As far as windows forcing the upgrade, W7 will still work if not supported by MS. Most of the upgrade patches are for internet protection and as you mentioned, limited or no online exposure will take care of that. I care to upgrade at my own pace and affordability, not MS’s.
I too have my DAW machines sparsely loaded and don’t play frivolous games. That’s why I always get the business or pro versions with less bloatware. As long as I’m not incorporating new hard or software that aren’t backwards compatible, 7 will be fine.
If and when I need to reconfigure my whole system, I will entertain making the jump to 10 but if I don’t have the same driver luck as you, it will cost me too much to transition at this juncture.

Another good transitional success story.

Good idea. I have my system drive cloned and a reserved copy of W10 waiting for upgrade. Question is, which version of W10 is it?

I too have an XP Pro 'puter for the same reasons. Until I can ascertain whether my W7 system will work on 10, I have to decide whether to upgrade the computer or start a whole new one. The difference of course being $$$.

Has anyone taken advantage of the free upgrade to W10 when it was offered? If so, what version did MS give you?

“THIS” is the main reason I didn’t want or trust W10!

"User control over Windows Updates was removed (except in enterprise versions). In earlier versions users could opt for updates to be installed automatically, or to be notified so they could update as and when they wished, or not to be notified; and they could choose which updates to install, using information about the updates. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise users may be configured by an administrator to defer updates, but only for a limited time.

Under the Windows end-user license agreement, users consent to the automatic installation of all updates, features and drivers provided by the service, and to the automatic removal or changes to features being modified is not required; it is implicit “without any additional notice.”

By installing Windows 10 upgrades, installed programs may be subject to automatic removal if declared “incompatible”.

The unauthorized downloading and installing of W10 was one of the con jobs MS got away with to unsuspecting users who didn’t know better. It upset many people and MS didn’t have the right!
NOW, MS wants you to CONSENT to this right in order to use this OS? With the sneaky ploy MS executed with W10 and all the pop-ups and advertisements that people despised on their “personal” computer, why would we want to consent to and give full control to a company that doesn’t give a squat about your personal preferences?
Am I the only one that this bothers?

For what it’s worth, I cloned my W7 and installed (upgraded) to W10 just to test the waters. Obviously a clean install is always better but didn’t have a lot of time.

The good news is that the hardware I was worried about (Delta 66) runs fine on W10. All my programs seem to run fine but I did run into a few issues.

The main problem I ran into is files/folders needing security permission to write/modify even as an admin. This was very annoying and seemed to be a common complaint.

I am going to play with it some more and see

Did you install a purchased copy or was it a reserved free upgrade?

just an upgrade

…but as I have been sitting here today at work, I have been thinking to myself “Do I really even need to be on Win10?”

I will spend a few hours more with it today and then decide but I think I am going back to 7 cause I don’t really see a reason to switch right now. Why fix something that’s not broken? Win7 is supported till 2020. I expect companies will support it till then as well. It’s nice to check it out and know my audio interface works okay but I don’t see much of a reason to switch yet. After reading countless threads here, KVR, gearslutz, there really wasn’t one thing that stood out making me feel like it’s a needed switch at this time. It seems like at best I will spend a lot of time getting it to at least the same results of 7 if I am lucky.