Pro and Elements compatability

I’m a Pro v.3 user and I’m thinking of purchasing elements to use on my school laptop. I have read the comparison so I know the Elements limitations. Will Elements read Pro files? Will Pro read Elements files? What happens if Elements tries to open a Pro file that exceeds Elements limits - cues or more than 12 players for instance. I don’t particularly want to use xml to transfer from one to the other.

Elements will read Pro files; it’s just that they’ll be read-only if the 12 players is exceeded. Pro will open (and edit) Elements files with no restrictions at all.

You can check this out for yourself. See the release notes page 68.

If you have a Pro license, hold down the Alt key when you start Dorico, and it will run as Elements not as Pro.

Oh my goodness. I totally missed that. Very cool, since I’m sometimes interacting with Elements users.