Pro metronone click

About time we had a ‘pro’ metronome’ for Cubase and Nuendo I suggest, and beyond the assumption (say) for Western 4/4 pop music and/or drummers with beep in the cans. Especially in light of the pro /post stance of Nuendo /NEK & in terms of the side grade offer from Pro Tools.

See competitors: Logic, Digital Performer and Pro Tools, the latter of these based on the now defunct Trillian Labs ‘Metro’. I realise some of this may be accomplished via the present metronome click sound set of midi feature, but really, this should be able to be accessed much more quickly, as as ‘built-in’, on board wth the metronome click. Feature set should include:

  1. a good variety of sounds on board; this especially includes the fact that the present peep bleeds terribly in the headphones for acoustic recordings etc; something like the MPC click should be mandatory. Also with panning features for individual sounds. For example, see the present excellent range of sounds on the Pro Tools click plugin.

  2. There should be more available than only the 4/4 beat arrangement for on and off beats. Like Logic for example, should include 16th domination and further like others, tuplets and other groupings as may be required.

  3. Schemes for time sig changes, film music cues and the rest, like say in Digital Performer. While where at it, the MOTU ‘chunks’ feature is unique, powerful and mandatory for film cue work IMHO.

  4. There may even be a reasonable argument to route different click formats /sounds to different cue mixes for individual performers. Therefore a dedicated VST click plugin may be the best solution to respond to all of the above.

Ah, metronome clicks.

Yes +1

I imported all of mine from Digital Performer. :unamused:


More Cowbell.

I can dropbox you some hi-gain samples. Industry standard!


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