Pro Res converter software

Looking for recommendations on cheap/free video converter softeware for Windows to convert fraps/avi files to pro res. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

mpeg streamclip… freeware

no pro res codec from what I can see. It does photo and motion jpeg, which is fine, but I’m converting from a FRAPS AVI which streamclip can’t handle (outputs a blank video file.)

I don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but you can try Handbrake:

again, no pro res or photo jpeg.

Miro Video Converter has ProRes output options. I’ve only used the Mac version, but it exists for Windows as well.

It’s free and easy…

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I thought ProRes encoding was only available on Mac because Apple wants to sell their hardware.

Xmedia Recode does ProRes (and all others) , and QT does Photo Jpeg.


Thanks Chewy and Fredo, I’ll check those out.

@Oliver - I’m pretty sure Pro Res is available on PC. If you have quicktime you should be able to play a pro res video. There’s even a download for the windows version of the codec on Apples website.

Sorry, wasn’t clear. I thought you cannot encode ProRes on PC, but as Fredo pointed out Xmedia Recode should do the job.

as long as quicktime (and its codecs) is installed on a pc ,
you can use theese codecs also with mpeg-stremclip

Yeah, my problem with Stream clip is that it cannot read FRAPS (as mentioned above :slight_smile: ) so it won’t work for me.

Xmedia Recode does the trick very well, thanks for the help all!


I use iMedia Converter by Pavtube on Mac for all video conversion and disk ripping. Supports all ProRes flavor so and does audio conversions too if needed. Updates have been coming for years … support answers questions too!

There are PC versions too …

The web site is a bit of a maze… lots of single purpose apps , but you just want the all-in- one version.