Pro Sound Effects Library... how to install?

Hello friends,

I installed Nuendo 8, but noticed that the pro SFX library content wasnt on the installer’s list. I noticed a folder on the installer, called

“Pro Sound Effects 2017 Hybrid Library”

Can I just copy it to the computer’s drive? Whats the proper folder to use?

Otherwise, whats the correct method for installing this SFX?

Yeah, just copy to a drive somewhere - wherever you like - and add that location to MediaBay.

Ok… anyone else with recommendations on this subject?

there is very little to install.
They are normal sound files.
As said: Copy the pro sound effects folder to a desired location (where your other sound fx files are) on your drives and let mediabay scan it.

Im just wondering about it because, you could potentially download Nuendo´s trial and the keep the SFX… does Steinberg have no security measure for this kind of situation?

Im an instructor, so the reason I ask is, that probably some clever student will ask me that question.

Frankly speaking the “fx library” is not that big nor useful.

Ok I see, well thanks!