Pro Sound Effects?

I recall reading that we’d get some sfx as well. Were they included in the download or?

Same question here :wink: .
Also, are these sfx exclusives, or it’s a kindda “best of” from the PSE library ? Are they from Sound Ideas and the other commercial ones (not interested in that case), or are they from PSE internaly ?


Exactly…where are they?

Under Help there is Pro Sound Effects Library…but that just takes you to a trial offer.

Still searching…

Mine were installed in the folder for ‘Additional Content’

Yes, then just move them to where you want, just make sure you point Media Bay there. Then they will show up in searches.
From the Start Center, when you install Nuendo, there is a “Pro Sound Library” banner at the top, click on it, and it will tell you what to do.
If you downloaded, the Start Center.exe in the folder where you extracted it.
They are very general SFX, nothing you don’t probably already have. Good for those just starting out that have nothing.

Looks like they are selected from various other libraries. One of the Authors is NetMixPRO. My guess is they are not exclusive.

Thanks guys, got it!