Pro-tip with ties, slurs and chords involved…

Dear fellow Doricians,
Here I share a workflow for those who want to achieve this kind of notation :

Note how the slur ends on the first D#. The default output would be :

even with the slur property being to stop at the first note of the tie chain. That’s because of the chord, Dorico is confused about where the first note is.

The solution is in the workflow used to input the different elements. Start inputting the D#. Then the slur (with the property set to stop on first note of the tie-chain). Then, invoke the caret with “Qord” mode on (note the + next to the caret), on the first beat of next bar as in this picture :
Capture d’écran 2022-04-26 à 11.01.18
choose the half note value and input the two missing notes. This way, Dorico will not move the slur to the chord, it will end on the first D# as wanted.

I hope this will help. It’s a common situation on vocal scores, and one that I’ve been having problems with until I’ve come up with this clear workflow.
Slur goes first, write the “after-note” chord after.

P.S. : Music font used here : Mezzo Std. Text fonts : Academico for tempo, Equity text A for lyrics. Excerpt from Tosca, Act I, Puccini.

Same tip applies here with multi-note tremolos — I had those like hundreds of times in this score :