Pro Tools Aggregate Device Users with Cubase 8??

I use an Orion 32 and Tascam DM-3200 with the firewire card combined as a Pro Tools aggregate device in OS X Yosemite. Lovely when it works but all too often when I open a Cubase project with the PT Aggregate Device as my audio device, either the Orion or the Tascam do not show up and I will have to reboot my Mac, restart Cubase and reconfigure my outputs once the missing device shows up as part of the Aggregate audio device. (more often than not, I have to disconnect and reconnect the Orion’s USB cable). Anyone have a similar problem? I obviously have Pro Tools 11 on my system too but I prefer working in Cubase, so I have yet to see if I get the same problem in PT.

I don’t know if this is a Cubase problem, an Antelope Audio problem, Mac problem, PT Aggregate problem, etc. I think that it may be a Cubase problem because Cubase for years has been a little funny changing I/O settings in multiple output audio devices that is only one actual device as opposed to 2+ aggregated devices. Any ideas/suggestions?


I wouldn’t expect, this is Cubase issue. The driver (Aggregate Device in this case) provides the count of inputs and outputs to Cubase. Cubase just displays it.

In general, using of Aggregate Device is little bit risky. Not Cubase only, but even other software is not happy to use it. Many companies don’t support it at all, many companies don’t say it, but they (silently) don’t support it too.

I was using Aggregate Device for some time. Then, I switch to proper solution: one Audio Device with Pre-amps connected via ADAT to my main Audio Device. This gives me all possibilities I need and also stability.

I have no idea how you use your setup (really lots of ins and outs). I have a somewhat smaller setup aound an RME hdsp 9652, which I combine with different cards. A ADI8 through adat (simple) and a FW1804 and EMU 1212m card. Those last 2 are also connected through ADAT, but not in the same PC. They are in an old computer just for these cards. So what I am asking is, is there a setup thinkable where only one of your devices is connected to your main macbook and the other one to another computer (or even standalone) and both audio devices connected through adat or aes (or even analogue)?

I use the Orion mainly for actual I/O to my Dangerous Music 2-Buss for mixing OTB and for interfacing with my outboard hardware. The Fierwire card in the Tascam is used mainly for metering (I use the digital summing feature in Cubase to send the audio from any given track to both the Orion and the FW Card) and for monitoring OUT of the 2-Buss before going back into Cubase when printing my mix. It worked like a charm with the Lynx Aurora 8 but I went to the Orion for the high I/O count because I have some nice HW outboard.