PRO TOOLS - CUBASE summing problem


I’m mixing one album, but half of that album was mixed in PRO TOOLS. Since majority of people believes that they sound the same and they will null…

Can you give me some advise how to setup cubase 9.5 to null with the pro tools 12?
I’m perfectionist - when I summed raw tracks through Pro Tools 12, it didn’t null with Cubase pro 9,5.

Pan Law was - 3 both DAWs

What else should I adjust to make it null?

Thank you!

I think pan laws are still difficult -> -3dB center or hard pan should sound the same, I suppose.
But anything in between might not. L45 might be different power algo used. It does not feel linear to me, more like logarithmic.

Things to look at - project panel in Cubase and if max is +12 dB and same in PT. It can effect what levels are numerically at 0 dBu. I can’t swear by how it works, but think it makes a different numerical be 0dBu if the max number is to be this or that dB headroom.
And also affect which level hits first plugin. Pre Gain can remedy how hard first plugin is hit by audio levels.

Any automation involved, any VCA’s. Look at grouping of controls and how Cubase might exclude more things assigning to a VCA fader.

Just a couple of things I come to think of…