Pro Tools Dock and Nuendo7/8


Anyone at Steinberg Support can advise if the Eucon Adapter will be modified to work with the AVID PT Control APP correctly?

The issue seems to be around the number of Tracks displayed in the Track view of the application. Add more than 40, then Nuendo and Eucon Crash. Its not an AVID issue!

The AVID documentation state that Nuendo 7 is a qualified application, but doesn’t seem to work? I’ve seen an issue around the Eucon Adapater and the S3 (which I currently have) regarding meter view and this was resolved with an update beginning of August.

Nuendo 8 does the same and so does Cubase 8 and 9 Pro (Cubase 8 given as a qualified application)

Just curious if this is going to be fixed sometime soon or if there is a work around?



I have this problem too…with nuendo8 on both Windows and Mac with the Protools control App.
Tried everything i could from buying a new network hub to a direct network connection from my Ipad bypassing WiFi.
Up to now still no luck. Its defintely a Steinberg problem