Pro Tools HDX PCIe Core Card / MTRX 16Line AD, DA be available?

Hi, guys.
I’m looking to install Nuendo 13 in a studio with Protools system. Will Pro Tools HDX PCIe Core Card / MTRX 16Line AD, DA be available on Nuendo 13?

The audio I/O should be, using Core Audio drivers. The CPU processors will not be, as that has to be done via Avid proprietary drivers.

Thank you for your reply.
Let me ask you one more question.
If i/o is available as a core driver, can vst plug in be used in Nuendo 13?

VST plugins should run natively on the CPU and should be able to run regardless of which i/o interface you’re using. I’ve moved Nuendo v12 projects between my home setup (see sig) and a work setup that was an iMac with a Thunderbolt connected PCIe HDX system (192i/o, not MTRX). That worked without problems other than the computer being a bit slow compared to mine.

Yes they sure can.

That’s good information. I’ll install it on another studio’s computer without any worries.

I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for your response.

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